Regular Events

Wednesday Evening Adult Discussion...6pm

Wednesday Evening Vespers...7pm

Thursday Cookies and Milk on Campus...3 to 5pm CUB LAIR


The Youth and Family committee plans activities for YOU here at TLC.  While some events are specific to youth, many events are intergenerational and intended for everyone.  ALL are Welcome!

Activities You Can Look Forward to Include: Every other Sunday YOUTH GROUP, 2-4pm on during the School Year.

 Sundae Sunday • Trip to Silverwood • Football Parking Events •  • Making Crafts for the Warm and Fuzzy Tree • Leaf Raking • Christmas Caroling • Lutherhaven Retreats • Middle School & High School Lock Ins • Easter Brunch • Holden Village • Pullman Day Camp •  Bowling • Servant Projects

 You can find out more about these activities by reading announcements in the weekly church bulletin, in the monthly church newsletter or by contacting Pastor Wes at Pastor Wes Information can also be found on the tri-fold board in the Narthex (the great big room just outside the sanctuary) and this is where you can sign-up for events and find permission forms.  We hope to see you at these events and we look forward to ideas for new ones!


For information on upcoming and recent events, CLICK HERE!