Regular Events

Wednesday Evening Adult Discussion...6pm

Wednesday Evening Vespers...7pm

Thursday Cookies and Milk on Campus...3 to 5pm CUB LAIR



To ensure that Sunday morning runs smoothly, it takes a lot of volunteers and staff.

Servant Teams are are responsible for the various service opportunities such as ushering, coffee fellowship and scripture reading. Any and all who attend our Church are encouraged to play a part – if you have not been assigned to a team, please contact the church office.  Note:  If you would like to serve more often than your assigned month, there are monthly sign up sheets in the Narthex where you can volunteer.

Please fill these positions each month:

  • Usher
  • Reader
  • Coffee Fellowship
  • Flowers
  • Lawn & Snow



You are not responsible for:

  • Cantor
  • Altar Guild
  • Nursery
  • Sound

 Information for Leaders

  • Please take the “Servant Team Ministry” sheet for your month down from the tri-fold bulletin board.
  • First check to see what is already filled in.
  • Please remember to check the TLC Planning Calendar (in the hallway by Megan’s office) for any special days or events during your month.
  • Contact your Servant Team members to fill the empty positions. We hope you can all get together and plan as a group—dessert, dinner, after worship, etc. It is your choice...either way, you will enjoy the fellowship!
  • Please have all positions filled by the 20th of the prior month. The completed “Servant Team Ministry” sheet is included in the monthly newsletter for future reference by team members.

Information for All Team Members

  • Remember that this ministry works best when all are involved. Please do not leave the burden on a few team members!
  • We understand that “things happen” and you may not be available as you would like for your month.One idea is to temporarily trade months with someone who is available from a different month. Or you could help with finding people to fill all the roles, have flowers delivered, or offer to purchase snacks if someone could do the set-up and clean-up.
  • If you have a time of year that you typically sign up for flowers or fellowship or whatever, you can still do this. The “Servant Team Ministry” sheets will still hang on the tri-fold bulletin board, and you can look ahead and sign up for any job that you wish, even if it is not during your worship team month.


Altar Guild  TLC communes every Sunday. This means that we need a group of volunteers who ensure that each Sunday morning the wine and the bread are ready for worship. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact the Altar Guild coordinators – Carol Dahl and Lu Luhring.

Bread Bakers  Each month a person in the congregation volunteers to bake the communion bread for each Sunday. We have a special recipe that can be learned and obtained from Cheryl Hill. During Lent we use a different recipe for a flat bread.

Cantor  Each Sunday there is a person assigned to assist with worship. She/He helps lead the congregation in chanting certain parts of the liturgy and offers the prayers of the church. This person also assists with distributing Holy Communion. If you are interested in volunteering for this role there is a list in the CHOIR AREA.

Acolytes  The acolytes are children who are in 3rd—5th grade. They light the altar candles during the Opening Hymn. When there is a baptism and during the Easter Season, they light the Christ Candle. They also assist with Holy Communion. The acolyte also serves the pastor when assistance is needed. There is training once a year in the fall, though if you are new and would like to be an acolyte, we certainly can offer additional training.