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The Sermon for August 30, 2015

Using the Alternative First Reading, the Song of Solomon, Pastor Wes discusses God's passionate love for us.

God's Passionate Love


The Sermon for August 23, 2015

Pastor Wes addresses how to become a Christian.  He says there are no steps to do it,  just follow Christ.

How to Become a Christian


The Sermon for August 16, 2015

The sermon for August 16, 2015. Rev. Dawna Svaren preached this week. She talked about how radical the idea of eating the Living Bread, that is, Jesus, really is.


The Living Bread


The Sermon for August 9, 2015

Pastor Wes takes a look at the Epistle Lesson for August 9.  He points out that many preachers make the mistake of using this text as a hammer, telling people they have to do this to be better Christians.  However, he says what Paul is really telling us to do is to be what we already are--to be ourselves.

Be Yourself


July 19, 2015, the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Pastor Wes discusses the importance of taking time to rest.


Taking Time to Rest