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May 24, 2015: The Feast of Pentecost

Pastor Wes talks about how God, through the Holy Spirit, has a song for us to sing.

The Song of the Holy Spirit


May 10, 2015, the Sixth Sunday of Easter

Pastor Wes begins by asking what nicknames people had when they were growing up and asks what is behind the nickname.  He points out that while we do not know if Jesus had a nickname growing up, the gospel writers attribute a number of names to him.  "Jesus," in itself, means God Saves.  Pastor concluded that our God knows each of us by our names as well.

What is in a name?


May 3, 2015: The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Today Pastor Wes addresses where we find true unity in the Church.  It is not in the worship forms we use, or in our ethnicity, but in the Living Word, which is Jesus Christ.

Unity in the Living Word


April 26, 2015, The Fourth Sunday of Easter or Good Shepherd Sunday

Seminarian Tyler Strom preached this Sunday.  He centered on the differences between having life abundantly according to the world, or having abundant life in the eyes of God.  One can have a lot of "stuff" but that is not abundant life.  Abundant life is knowing God loves you as you are, that God cares for you.

Having Abundant Life


April 19, 2015, The Third Sunday of Easter

Pastor Wes points out that we can experience the resurrection in the here and know by living resurrection lives

Living Resurrected L:ives