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March 1, 2015 The Second Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes discusses what it means to "take up the cross."  He points out that it means we have a decision to make: whether we will follow the dog eat dog world view of survival of the fittest, or will we follow God's view of taking care of the least among us.

Pick Up Your Cross Daily


February 22, 2015 The First Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes relates how the story of the flood tells us that we need to drown things in our lives in order to experience the blessing of the rainbow.

Storm, Drowing and Rainbow


February 18, 2015: Ash Wednesday

Pastor Wes talks about how we have had experiences that are part of the dust of which we are made.  He relates how God uses this dust in positive ways.

We Are Dust


February 15, 2015 Transfiguration Sunday

Pastor Wes remarks on the disciple's reaction to the tranformation of Jesus was one of fear.  They were afraid when they encountered who Jesus really was; but they were also afraid because they knew the encounter was going to change them forever.  God was going to use them to show forth his glory.  Likewise, when we encounter Jesus, our lives are radically changed.  Going into Lent, Pastor Wes, challenges us to give up that which is holding us back from letting the light of God show forth through us.

Letting your Light Shine


February 8, 2015--The Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

Pastor Wes tells us today there are still demons of injustice that plague us today.  As Christians our job is work on God's agemda in our world by serving those suffering from these demons.  

Working God's Agenda