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The Sermon for February 7, 2016--The Sunday of the Transfirguration of our Lord

Pastor Wes talks about how many times we think we will encounter God on mountain top  experiences, but more often we encounter God when we shine the light into the darkness of everyday life.

Where We Encounter God


The Sermon for January 31, 2016, the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany


Pastor Wes says there is more to just believing we are justified by grace through faith. There is also being called to be the Living Word by showing love.



The Sermons for January 24, 2016, the Third Sunday after Epiphany

This is a two part series of the sermons for January 24, 2016. The first part includes the children's sermon in which Pastor Wes shows the children what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. The main sermon has Pastor Wes saying we still need to hear Jesus inaugural sermon in his home town. It is continued in the second video 


The Sermon for January 17, 2016: The Second Sunday after Epiphany

Pastor Wes says rather than trying to explain how everything happens we should appreciate the wonder of miracles.



The Sermon for January 10, 2016, the First Sunday after Epiphany

Today is the Sunday of the Baptism of our Lord. Pastor Wes uses the occasion to talk about the significance of our own baptisms