July 20, 2014: The Eighth Sunday of Pentecost 

The sermon is based on Matthew 13: 24-30. We have all experienced it.  No matter how careful we are about planting a new lawn: preparing the ground; buy the best sead, weeds will appear.  But, Pastor Wes points out one cannot really tell what is wheat or what is tare.  Even then, God will sometimes take what is a tare and produce good wheat.  

Wheat or Tare


July 13, 2014: The Seventh Sunday of Pentecost

As disciples, Pastor Wes reminds us our job fling ourselves out into the world to sow the seed.  God will take care of the rest.

Flinging Ourselves into the World


July 6, 2014: The Fifth Sunday of Pentecost

What is freedom?  We tend to think it is the freedom to have what we want and to want it now.  But St. Augustine tells us often freedom is the sound of chains of people who are happily enslaved.  Pastor Wes challenges us to have the courage to step away from what really burdens us into the freedom of the Kingdom of God.

What is Freedom?


June 29, 2014: The Fourth Sunday of Pentecost

While we would want to be transported to heaven upon becoming Christian, Jesus tells us that he has other things in mind.  Our mission is his mission: to bring healing to this world.  We might think this is too much to do, but Pastor Wes tells us we only have to do a little bit at a time.  Something as simple as giving a cup of water to a little one in Jesus' name brings about the kingdom.

Bringing Healing in Small Ways


June 22, 2014, The Third Sunday of Pentecost

What does it mean when Jesus says, "Take up your cross daily and follow me?"  Pastor Wes points out that what Jesus is actually saying is to live our life to the fullest, and  seize the opportunities that come our way. 

Our apologies for the poor audio, we will correct this next week.

Take Up Your Cross Daily