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November 30, 2014: 1st Sunday of Advent

Today Pastor Wes discusses the role of Apocolypic literature in the Bible.  It means that which is hidden shall be revealed.  It's point is to assure us that even when it appears the darkness is overpowering, God is still in charge.   Our Gospel lesson in particular tells us no matter how mundane our lives become, God is breaking in, telling us to Wake Up.  The light dawning. 



November 23, 2014: Christ the King Sunday

Often times people think today's Gospel Lesson is about the end times.  However, Pastor Wes points out that the parable is about how Christ's kingship is found in how we treat the least of his brothers and sisters.



Nov. 16, 2104 The Parable of the Talents

In discussing the Parable of the Talents, Pastor Wes, says the point of the story is that we are not to save our talent(s) but rather to go all in and live life abundantly because we have a God who has gone all in for us.

What Are We Saving Ourselves For?


November, 2, 2014: All Saints Sunday

Today Pastor Wes addresses the misconception we have about the term: blessed.  While we may think it means to be happy, it actually has a much deeper meaning.  It comes from the Hebrew word, "Hesed" which means to help, or encourage.  Pastor Wes reminds us that God sends people to help us in our faith.  They are called "saints."  We are also called to be helpers in other people's faith.  

What does "Blessed" Really Mean


October 26, 2014: Reformation Sunday

In today's sermon Pastor Wes relates how throughout human history we have drifted from God's intentions.  God, however, keeps calling us back.  Today, Pastor Wes wonders if we Lutherans have drifted from God again with our over emphasis on being justified by grace and forgetting we are also sanctified to be the Living Word today.  

The Need for Continual Reform