Regular Events

October 26, 2014: Reformation Sunday

In today's sermon Pastor Wes relates how throughout human history we have drifted from God's intentions.  God, however, keeps calling us back.  Today, Pastor Wes wonders if we Lutherans have drifted from God again with our over emphasis on being justified by grace and forgetting we are also sanctified to be the Living Word today.  

The Need for Continual Reform


October, 12, 2014, the Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost

In discussing the story of the wedding feast, Pastor Wes says the core of the story is about being grounded in an attitude of thankfulness and celebration of the grace we have received.

The Wedding Party


October 5, 2015: The Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost

In discussing the parable of tenants of the vineyard, Pastor Wes reminds us that we are to take care of the earth which God has given us to tend.  He asks how have we been doing?  We are not a people who think we will someday be wisked away.  Rather, we are a people who can see the Kingdom of God happening now through what we do.  

How Are We Doing?


September 28, 2014, The Eighteenth Sunday Of Pentecost

Pastor Wes reminds us that Christianity is more than words, it also invites us to become God like in our actions.

Which One are You?


September 21, 2014, The Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

Pastor Wes discusses how Jesus' math skills were poor.  Jesus continues to turn the tables when it comes to God.  Pastor goes on to point out that we get it wrong if we think we should get a better reward for our service in the church.  Rather, our God is a gracious God who loves to see the party continue to grow.  We are invited to join in the dance.

Jesus' Math Skills