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March 22, 2015, the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes points out that the Gospel Lesson of the seed being planted in the ground is not about death, but about potential and life.  Using the Latin phrase "Posse Vollo Es," he points out we all have God given potentals that we can choose to use to God's glory.  He concludes the Gospel is about discipleship.

Posse Vollo Es


March 15, 2015: The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes relates how Jesus tells Nicodemus to let go of his preconceived ideas about God to experience God in new ways.  Likewise, we too need to let go of our expectations to discover the many ways God acts in our world.

Let it Go


March 8, 2015 The Third Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes talks about how the Ten Commandments are gifts from God which helps us to stay connected to eacfh other.

How We are Connected


March 1, 2015 The Second Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes discusses what it means to "take up the cross."  He points out that it means we have a decision to make: whether we will follow the dog eat dog world view of survival of the fittest, or will we follow God's view of taking care of the least among us.

Pick Up Your Cross Daily


February 22, 2015 The First Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes relates how the story of the flood tells us that we need to drown things in our lives in order to experience the blessing of the rainbow.

Storm, Drowing and Rainbow