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April 10, 2015: The Sermon for Shirley Olsen's Memorial Service

Pastor Wes used the creation story to relate how Shirley Olson enjoyed Creation and singing.  She has now joined God and continues to sing.

God Sings Through Creation


April 12 2015 The Second Sunday of Easter

Pastor Wes talked about how our attitude will affect how we preceive things.  If we have an attitude that we have to be able to see, touch and feel  for something to be real, we miss out on what is unseen.  However, if we have an attitude of faith, we see the Ressurected Christ around us, in particular in the community of faith.

It's a Matter of Attitude


April 5, 2015: The Sunday of the Resurrectiopn

Pastor Wes points out that the Gospel of Mark ends with a dangling preprosition  Mark seems to want the story to continue.

The Easter sermon


March 27, 2015 Palm Sunday (also known as Passion Sunday)

Pastor Wes relates how instead of bringing glory, God this week will walk with us in the ordinary, affirming we are his children and we have gifts to bring about healing in our world.

God walks into the Ordinary


March 22, 2015, the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Pastor Wes points out that the Gospel Lesson of the seed being planted in the ground is not about death, but about potential and life.  Using the Latin phrase "Posse Vollo Es," he points out we all have God given potentals that we can choose to use to God's glory.  He concludes the Gospel is about discipleship.

Posse Vollo Es