August 24, 2014, The Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Pastor Wes observes that like the freshmen in college there comes a point when we have to declare what who we believe Jesus is.  This declaration will cause us to order our lives in certain ways.  Jesus calls on us to see him as a compassionate one, willing to take us as we are and able to make something more of us.

Who do you say that I am?


August 17, 2014 The Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost 

Pastor Wes speaks of the time when Jesus repented, had a change of heart, when a Canaanite woman pleaded with him to heal her daughter.  Jesus calls her a dog, but she responds in such a way that shows great faith.  If it were not for her most of us probably would not be Christian.

When Jesus Repented


August 10, 2014: The Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost

Seminarian Tyler Strom reflects on two perspectives of today's Gospel lesson, Matthew 14:22-33.

Focus on Jesus


August 3, 2014, the Tenth Sunday of Pentecost

Our guest preacher, this Sunday is Naomi Corter.  She works with Family Promise.  Ms Corter speaks on how God will use what we have, no matter how meager, to provide for those who are in need.  She also reminds us that God invites us to participate in God's work.

God Provides


July 27, 2014: The Ninth Sunday of Pentecost

Pastor Wes is preaching on Matthew 13:31-32, the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  He points out how Jesus likes to turn things around.  The disciples were no doubt wondering how the Kingdom could be compared to a weed.  Pastor Wes relates how a woman in her 80's did a simple act of love that produced great things at the Monroe Reformatory.  He also talks about how two women initially welcomed him into this congregation.  Simple things.  Great Outcomes.

The Smallest of Seeds