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Kiva Loans

At the 2010 Elsie's Tea, members of TLC pooled their resources to finance a "microloan" through Kiva. These microloans provide entrepreneurs all over the world an opportunity to expand or start their business with the goal of alleviating poverty.  Since November of 2009 Kiva has facilitated over $100 million in loans and we are so happy to be a part of this great program!  Below is information about recent loans:

Aasia Muhammad Wali is a widow. She lost her husband as a result of a heart attack. This was a time of shock and great difficulties, but she overcame those difficulties with her courage and hard work.

Aasia is the mother of three sons. She knew that, with her husband gone, she remained the only person to take care of her children. So she recovered herself and started a sewing business by taking orders from her neighbors. She worked day and night to impress her customers and she successfully did it through her good quality work.

She couldn’t educate her children due to poor financial conditions, but she helped them to establish their own work. Her eldest son is a plumber. The next runs a PCO (public call office), and the youngest operates his own business. They all contribute financially from their earning.

Aasia has applied for a loan from Kiva partner Asasah for her sewing business. With the loan, she will buy a new sewing machine because her old machine doesn’t produce a good quality of work and takes much time to sew one dress. With the new machine, Aasia will be able to sew more dresses in less time and double her income.
She is a new loan applicant of Asasah and this is her first loan application.

Sajida lives in Kamoki. It is a small city in Punjab province and known for its rice production. It is also famous for its industrial importance in Pakistan's economy. She lives there with her family in a two-room brick house. She came here after her marriage. Her husband’s name is Muhammad Amin and he has a business selling milk. He has some buffalos at his home that provide a good quantity of milk. The good quantity of milk enables him to serve more customers.

Sajida herself is a housewife who stays at home and does her household responsibilities. In her spare time, she also supports her husband by taking care of his buffalos to give them food and water on time. She is the mother of four sons and a daughter. All of them are illiterate and don’t know how to read or write. Her three elder sons help their father in his business by supplying milk to the customers at their homes.

Sajida has applied for a loan from Kiva partner Asasah for her husband’s business. With the loan, he will buy another buffalo to further expand his business. The additional buffalo will help him serve many more customers and make more income. She is a regular loan user of Asasah and this is her fourth loan application. In previous loan years, she has maintained good credit behavior and never missed any meeting.