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Wednesday Evening Vespers...7pm

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The Community Labyrinth is available to individuals and groups for walking 24/7, weather permitting. It allows a person to take the next step on their spiritual journey, whatever that may look like for that individual. The labyrinth is also a tool for stress relief and centering.


How to walk the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth's threefold path:

  • Journeying In (traditionally called purgation): the walk to the center, quieting or emptying yourself, letting go of the details of everyday life, struggling with a life challenge.
  • Resting in the Center (traditionally called illumination): time spent in the center meditating, praying or simply being of open mind and heart to receive whatever gift or insight may be present.
  • Journeying Out (traditionally called union): the walk out from the center may be experienced as awareness of a deep connection or communion with God, the Holy Spirit, or with Sacred energy at work in the world. Others may feel centered, peaceful or renewed to journey back into challenges in their life and the world.

The labyrinth provides a physical expression for our circuitous journey as human beings. We start out walking straight towards our goal and then life experiences invite us to grow through a series of turns. We move toward the center again, only to meander to the outside of the path. Back and forth, in and out, until we feel we have lost sight of our goal. Then suddenly the center loooms directly in front of us. We have found some deep forgotten part of ourselves.