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Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation

In the Christian Church over the last several hundred years, we have endeavored to teach our children the faith. Martin Luther thought the work should be done by the parents in the home and this was the reason he wrote his Small Catechism. In the late 1800's here in the United States the Sunday School movement began to provide a Christian Education for children in our communities. In the Lutheran tradition this also meant forming a time when the child entered into full membership of the congregation with all its rights and responsibilities (meaning they could vote at congregational meetings and participate on committees). Confirmation then is the rite of passage of a child into adult discipleship, having mastered the Bible and the basics of the faith.

Today, we also incorporate ideas of congregational involvement and personal social responsibility into the curriculum. 

Trinity Lutheran Church's confirmation program involves the middle school aged children (6-8th grades). We use Augsburg-Fortress's "Here We Stand" curriculum which covers the Old Testament in year 1, New Testament in year 2, and the Small Catechism in year 3. We intersperse through the year other topics such as how to participate in worship and how do I differentiate between a theology of glory and the theology of the cross.

Confirmation class meets every Sunday that Sunday School meets at 9:15am downstairs in the Middle School room.

If you are interested in involving your child in our confirmation program please speak with Pastor Wes.


HERE WE STAND Confirmation Series