April 14-21 Holy Week

Palm Sunday: Two parades are coming into Jerusalem. The Romans are coming into one gate; impressive, imperial power and oppression.  Jesus and his followers come in through another gate, God on a donkey.  The people are excited and hail him as ‘Son of David’! But it’s not too long before they change their tune and cry, “crucify’!

On Maundy Thursday Lent officially ends and the “Great Three Days” begin. We entered into Lent with a Confession which promised absolution but left it open-ended. On Maundy Thursday we hear Jesus’ words of forgiveness that we can leave our brokenness and burdens behind and walk with him in new life.
On Good Friday we gather around the cross and experience how far God’s love for us will go. What do we do to those who speak an uncomfortable truth? Exposed in our lies, hypocrisy, the idols we put our trust in , we lash out in anger. But God will not give up…
On Holy Saturday we gather outside around a fire and then enter into the sanctuary to re-live the stories of how God saves his people through history. Hearing the stories, they become Our Story. Communion this evening follows the tradition of Hippolytus in the 2nd century where the foods of the Promised Land are added to the Meal. Then, in joy, we decorate the church for Easter!
Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of our Lord! On the first day of the week God began creation, transforming darkness into light. On this, the “eighth day” of the week, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. We celebrate this new creation in the waters of baptism and in the feast of victory. 


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