Regular Events

SUNDAY ADULT STUDY 9:15! Last year we finished up our class season by asking some penetrating and hard questions about the Lutheran church: Who are we? What are our gifts? How can those gifts be made MORE available to all people?

This season we will pick up where we left off and then move into two of Rob Bell's Books: Love Wins, and Jesus Came to Save Christians Too! Rob Bell is leader of the national Mars Hill church and was the 'poster child' for the Evangelical branch of christianity. Then he started asking some probing questions about God, Faith and the Bible. The result was his being declared 'heretic' by many evangelical pastors (We've been there... :)).

Every Sunday at 9:15am Adult Christian Education class meets in the Fellowship Hall to engage in conversation and the study of the faith. All are welcome ... even if you missed a class or two. The classes are always designed to be self contained so that people can come and go as their life dictates. If you are attending university - you are welcome as well. The more the better! Scroll down to see the schedule for the class. If you have a particular topic you would like to study, just let Pastor Howell know.